De-icing, Tips to Keep Pond Water Clean

Do you have the right pond pump size? Is your pond over-populated? Are you overfeeding your fish? Answers to these questions will determine whether or not you have clean pond water. You see, having clean and good quality water matters a lot. Unfortunately, keeping it clean can be quite a challenge. Sometimes, your pond water may look clear but your fish aren’t acting normally, which means something is wrong. With a few helpful tips, you’ll be able to regulate and adjust pond water issues to restore its cleanliness. The following are tips that will help keep your pond water clean and healthy!

Make Sure Your Fish Aren’t Over-Populated

Is there such a thing as too many fish? Yes, there is. You have to know how many fish are healthy for your pond. Don’t just shop and shop just because you find an attractive fish and you want to add it to your growing fish family. The number of fish in your pond has to be regulated to keep your pond water healthy. For example, if you have more than 10 fish in 100-gallon pond water then that’s already considered too many. Keep in mind fish also release waste and if there are too many of them releasing waste, you’ll be dealing with pond water imbalance. If you can’t help yourself, make sure you find a different home for your new fish.

Never Over-Feed Your Fish

As a pond owner, you have to be familiar with your fish’s basic needs. This means you have to know when to feed them and when not to. Overfeeding your fish is detrimental to your fish and pond’s health. When you feed your fish make sure it’s enough for them because if uneaten food is left in the pond it will decay. Therefore, be careful when feeding your fish. Once a day is enough and not more than they can consume in 3 minutes. We recommend you choose good quality fish food specifically fish food that stays afloat and doesn’t sink to the bottom.

Include The Right Balance of Plants

The surface area of your pond should be covered with plants by at least 40%. When you add too many plants it will lead to oxygen deficiencies during the nighttime as a result of the photosynthetic process wherein plants are giving off carbon dioxide while taking in oxygen. Remember, your fish also needs oxygen. Therefore, having the right balance is crucial to your fish’s survival.

Find The Right Pond Pump Size

To keep your pond water clean, you have to ensure the water volume is circulating properly at least once every hour. Check pond flow and make sure it isn’t blocked by debris. To know the pond pump size, you’ll need to do some research and talk to professionals about this matter to get the appropriate size.

Remove Dirt and Debris From Your Pond Before They Decay

You can use a pond net and a pond skimmer to remove waste, food particles, and decay from your pond water. It’s important to clean them regularly and not wait for the particles to settle at the bottom of the pond because it’s going to be twice as hard to remove if that happens. Cleaning your pond is necessary because if leftover food, waste, and decayed debris are left to linger, the ammonia levels of your pond will skyrocket and this can be detrimental to the health of your fish.


These 5 effective tips are surefire ways to keep your pond water clean and healthy creating a suitable and safe environment for your fish.