De-icing, Tips to Keep Pond Water Clean

Do you have the right pond pump size? Is your pond over-populated? Are you overfeeding your fish? Answers to these questions will determine whether or not you have clean pond water. You see, having clean and good quality water matters a lot. Unfortunately, keeping it clean can be quite a challenge. Sometimes, your pond water may look clear but your fish aren’t acting normally, which means something is wrong. With a few helpful tips, you’ll be able to regulate and adjust pond water issues to restore its cleanliness. The following are tips that will help keep your pond water clean and healthy!

Make Sure Your Fish Aren’t Over-Populated

Is there such a thing as too many fish? Yes, there is. You have to know how many fish are healthy for your pond. Don’t just shop and shop just because you find an attractive fish and you want to add it to your growing fish family. The number of fish in your pond has to be regulated to keep your pond water healthy. For example, if you have more than 10 fish in 100-gallon pond water then that’s already considered too many. Keep in mind fish also release waste and if there are too many of them releasing waste, you’ll be dealing with pond water imbalance. If you can’t help yourself, make sure you find a different home for your new fish.

Never Over-Feed Your Fish

As a pond owner, you have to be familiar with your fish’s basic needs. This means you have to know when to feed them and when not to. Overfeeding your fish is detrimental to your fish and pond’s health. When you feed your fish make sure it’s enough for them because if uneaten food is left in the pond it will decay. Therefore, be careful when feeding your fish. Once a day is enough and not more than they can consume in 3 minutes. We recommend you choose good quality fish food specifically fish food that stays afloat and doesn’t sink to the bottom.

Include The Right Balance of Plants

The surface area of your pond should be covered with plants by at least 40%. When you add too many plants it will lead to oxygen deficiencies during the nighttime as a result of the photosynthetic process wherein plants are giving off carbon dioxide while taking in oxygen. Remember, your fish also needs oxygen. Therefore, having the right balance is crucial to your fish’s survival.

Find The Right Pond Pump Size

To keep your pond water clean, you have to ensure the water volume is circulating properly at least once every hour. Check pond flow and make sure it isn’t blocked by debris. To know the pond pump size, you’ll need to do some research and talk to professionals about this matter to get the appropriate size.

Remove Dirt and Debris From Your Pond Before They Decay

You can use a pond net and a pond skimmer to remove waste, food particles, and decay from your pond water. It’s important to clean them regularly and not wait for the particles to settle at the bottom of the pond because it’s going to be twice as hard to remove if that happens. Cleaning your pond is necessary because if leftover food, waste, and decayed debris are left to linger, the ammonia levels of your pond will skyrocket and this can be detrimental to the health of your fish.


These 5 effective tips are surefire ways to keep your pond water clean and healthy creating a suitable and safe environment for your fish.

Construction, Step-by-Step Guide to the Home Building Process

The process of constructing your dream home involves multiple steps. Although the prospect of building your own home may excite you, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of the construction process. Here are some insights into construction, step-by-step guide to the home building process. Location is paramount when it comes to selecting a site for your new home. Depending on where you live, it might be challenging to find a site that perfectly matches your expectations. For example, places like New Orleans have many plots of land available for purchase. However, there is no guarantee that any of these plots will have all of the features you desire.

Make sure to spend a lot of time and effort into finding a site that meets your expectations. After all, you’re constructing a new home for yourself so you don’t want to feel like you rushed the process.

When you’ve successfully got a plot of land for construction, you’ll need to establish a temporary foundation. Setting up the foundation properly is absolutely key to other parts of the construction process, so make sure you consult extensively with everyone involved before going ahead with the setup.

Complete Framing, Plumbing, and Electrical Installations

After the foundation is complete, you can set up a proper frame for your new home. The frame will allow you to properly visualize the floor plan of your house. If you correctly install the frame, you’ll have a very good idea about the dimensions and spaciousness of your home after completion.

While installing the frame, you’ll also need to take care of the fundamental utilities of the home. Plumbing and electrics are a must, so make sure you contact all of the professionals necessary in order to properly install these essentials. You do not want to cut corners when it comes to utilities. Living in the house of your dreams doesn’t mean anything if the lights don’t work and the toilet doesn’t flush.

Install Insulation, Drywall, and Exteriors

Another essential component after plumbing and electrics is insulation. Keeping your home warm during the winter is incredibly important. Also, insulation is pivotal to the temperature regulation of your home. Nobody likes a house where one room is cold while another is too hot.

Insulation installation shouldn’t be too difficult if you have the right professionals working for you. Once again, insulation is another aspect of construction where you don’t want to cut any corners. Make sure that you have an in-depth plan in place and everyone understands their role throughout the installation process.

Along with insulation, you’ll have to install drywall and major exterior fixtures. Once this step is complete, you’ll definitely start to feel as though the house is starting to take shape. You should regularly hold discussions with the construction manager, architect, and other relevant parties to ensure exterior fixtures are put in place properly.

Install Bathrooms, Trims, and other Miscellaneous Fixtures

At this point, the bulk of construction should be complete. Now, you’ll need to install the bathrooms and put in place any stylistic trims you have chosen for the interior of the home. Furthermore, if there are miscellaneous fixtures such as mirrors, you’ll also need to put them in place.

Finish Touches and Completion

Now that all of the above has been put in place, all you have to do is add some finishing touches. Furniture and decorations of your choice are best. Try and pick something that fits the overall aesthetic of the house. If you have a particular architectural style that you enjoy, try choosing furniture that is known to have good synergy with the style. When you’ve finished, you can finally enjoy your new home.

Benefits to Buying vs. Renting Your Rittenhouse Square Condo

Are you thinking about renting or even buying Rittenhouse square condos? Not sure about which path you should take? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should definitely keep on reading. Finding the right home for your needs is essential, after all, accommodation is one of the most basic human needs. However, there are many pros and cons of both renting and buying. We will now take a closer look at both buying and renting so that you can choose the best one that suits your financial and personal situation.

Firstly, we will start with renting Rittenhouse square condos. The main benefit of doing so is that it gives you a great deal of flexibility. Basically, when you rent one of these condos, you can choose to move after your lease is up if you are not satisfied with the location or the condo. This is quite useful if you’re very young and you’re not sure if you want to fully commit to buying or if you want to leave your options open. This is certainly beneficial if you might end up working in another city or country since selling a condo that you own is a lot more stressful than simply ending your lease. Also, the actual process of getting a condo to rent is a whole lot easier and simpler than purchasing one. When it comes to buying, you will likely need to get approved for a mortgage which can take quite a while. So, if you need a home in a hurry, then renting is the fastest option.

When you own a property, you will be fully responsible for repairs and upkeep of it. When you rent, you don’t have to deal with any of these expenses as the owner will be responsible for doing so. As a result, when it comes to owning a condo, you will need to research how much it costs to upkeep and check your finances to determine if you can afford it. Also, one interesting point many people don’t consider is that you may be forced to sell your condo due to unforeseen personal incidents or expenses. As a result, you may have to sell during a down market. Also, when selling, you will have to pay around 7% as a commission fee as well as approximately 3% for closing costs. Therefore, for you to break even on the sale of your condo, it will need to increase in value by 10%.

Another factor that you need to consider when thinking about buying vs renting is that the average rent is rapidly rising and the average rent is actually not far from the average mortgage. As a result of this, buying may actually be the smarter long-term play. However, there are a couple of things to consider if you truly want to buy. For one, you need to have a stable income and you should not expect any major life changes for at least the next 3 years which would require you to move. Also, when you get a mortgage, you will have a fixed monthly payment whereas with renting, your rent can easily increase rapidly over time. A condo can truly make a great first home especially for a person who doesn’t want a ton of space. Also, since condos are a bit smaller than most homes, they are also cheaper which makes them more accessible.

In summary, we have just looked at the pros and cons of buying vs renting Rittenhouse square condos. Once you have considered all of the points discussed above, you should be able to determine which route is the best one for you.

Understanding Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance

The Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance protects persons with disabilities who are able to work from discrimination in the workplace. In 2010, the Department of Justice introduced a set of rules for employers to follows regarding design accommodations especially as it relates to access to electronics and information technology.

It is imperative for every employer to comply with the Act or face severe legal and other penalties. Before delving further into the compliance side of the Act, it is necessary to understand the Act and what it may mean for your business:

1. Who Is A Person with A Disability

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not have a specific list of disabilities but employs a legal test to determine whether a person can be legally defined as disabled. This test sets the following parameters for disability:

– A disability must pertain to a medical condition or disorder that results in impairment.

– The impairment must place substantial limitations on the disabled person.

– These limitations must restrict the ability to perform “major life activities”.

2. Does Every Employer Need to Comply with the ADA?

Only businesses with more than 15 employees need comply with the ADA whether these are full or part-time employees or if these employees are located at various sites.

3. Are There Any Exceptions to Compliance?

“Undue hardship” may be considered a reasonable accommodation for non-compliance with the ADA. Undue hardship can be defined as an accommodation for a disabled person that involves significant difficulty that will disrupt operations, that will ultimately change the nature of the business or simply be considered to be too expensive. If it can be proven that accommodation/s meet one or more of these stipulations, the ADA cannot enforce compliance.

The DOJ is still in the process of developing specific guidelines for employers to follow in order to be ADA compliant and what should and should not be done is therefore a little confusing. So, let’s look at what needs to be done to be compliant in the interim.

1. Physical Accommodations

These are physical accommodations that are made to a building or workplace to make it easily accessible to persons with disabilities. Modifications to bathrooms, work stations and installing ramps are a few examples of physical accommodations.

2. Accessible Technology

Technology needs to be accessible to those with disabilities in the following ways:

– Installing software that is accessible to the disabled.

– The installation of screen reader software.

– The use of videophones to improve communication for employees who are hearing impaired.

3. Communication Accessibility

There are two types of disabilities where communication may be challenging – for the hearing and visually impaired. For the visually impaired, documentation needs to be made available in large print or in braille. A sign language interpreter should be made available to the hearing impaired.

4. Policy Accommodations

There are a variety of different amendments that will need to be made to the policy and procedures of a company in order to comply with the ADA. Most significantly, accommodations regarding working times and schedules need to be made for people suffering with chronic illnesses where the symptoms or treatments may prevent them from adhering to a “regular” work schedule.

Accommodations should also be made in policy with regards to discrimination against the disabled by work colleagues, management, executives or any other person relative to the workplace. Rules and regulations as well as disciplinary action and penalties for those who contravene the policy should be put in place. Unfortunately, this is an area where many companies struggle to enforce policy and eliminate employee discrimination specifically related to the disabled in the workplace.

Hired A Construction Company To Build A Deck

I wanted to get a new deck and my husband agreed it was time for a new one. We decided to ask around and find out which construction company to hire to build the deck. My husband talked to a few of his friends who talked about one company in particular. He called them and got a quote and then decided to hire them.

This construction company didn’t take long to get started on the deck. They worked efficiently and had it done quickly. I am so happy with the look of my new deck and the company that did it for me.